Tips to Change Writing on Whatsapp

 Tips to Change Writing on Whatsapp

 WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications lately. it may even be one of the most open applications by most people.

Not surprisingly, WhatsApp is a free chat application and has many features that are liked by users. The number of active WhatsApp users even reaches 2 billion people worldwide.

WhatsApp has many features, some of which are:



Tick ​​notification

How to Change Writing on Whatsapp

Now you can change the writing or font on WhatsApp to your liking. It's just that you need a third-party application that will help you change the writing on WhatsApp.

The application in question is Fonts For WhatsApp. This application can only be used for Android-based smartphones. For Apple users, maybe there isn't yet a feature or application that can help you change the writing on WhatsApp.

But there will be some tricks that you will tell in this article. just read to the end.

Tutorial on Changing Fonts on WhatsApp

Here are some tutorials to change fonts on WhatsApp that you can do:

Download the Font For the WhatsApp application and install it

After the installation is complete, open the font for the WhatsApp application

Enter the text you want to send in the first column.

Choose the font style you want

The text that has changed the font will appear in the result column

Please copy the finished text.

Open the WhatsApp application

Open the chat box

Paste the text that was copied earlier in the typing field

The font format you want to send has changed

It's just that, the drawback of this application is that it doesn't have so many font choices for you. So you can only choose the same font.

How to Make Unique Colored Writing in WA with Various Applications

If you want to know how to change the text on WhatsApp but don't want to use the third-party application Font for WhatsApp, then you can follow several methods which we will discuss below.

You don't need to root your device just to do this. But before that, we will introduce several font changer applications that you can use:

Application for Making Unique Colored Writing on Wa


Fonts For WhatsApp

Text Art



How to use the colored wa application above

How to use the application is generally the same as using several other applications. If you are still confused, you can follow some of the tutorials below:

Install one of the third-party applications for how to change the writing on WhatsApp according to your choice.

After the installation process is complete, please open the application

Type the message you want to send into the box provided

Wait for the results to come out, then copy the finished text

Please paste the text you copied earlier into your WhatsApp chat box. The letter of the message that you will send will also change.

Writing Code in Wa

Actually, WhatsApp also provides some codes on WhatsApp to make the messages you send more beautiful. You can make the text italic, strikethrough, bold, and stretch according to what you want.

Here are some of those codes:

…. to make the text bold

…. to make the writing italic or italic

…. is the code to make the text strikethrough or strikesthrough

“`….`” is the code to make your writing lose.

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