How to Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome

 How to Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome 

Actually, how do you open blocked sites on Google Chrome HP, and PC? This question is still often asked by internet users. As we know, on the internet we can find any information very easily, all you have to do is type keywords in the browser search field, and the information you need will appear immediately

However, there are some sites that we cannot access because they are blocked by the government. This is done to prevent us from accessing sites that are considered dangerous or have a negative smell, such as porn sites, sites that contain illegal content, and many more. Even so, sometimes there are several sites that contain informative content but are also affected, perhaps because of the wrong target. So, we can't access it at all.

1. How to Open Blocked Sites with Google Translate

Who would have thought, it turns out that apart from being used as a method to make it easier for us to translate languages, it turns out that Google Translate can also be used to access blocked sites.

Many of you still don't know about this, even though the method itself is very easy, and you can do this method on your cellphone or PC. Here are the steps:

Enter the Google Translate page via the Google Chrome browser

In the column provided, enter the site address to be visited

Finally, click on the active link in the translation results column

You can also access the site

2. Changing Browser Settings

We also know that all browsers have specific policies to block sites deemed dangerous. So they can filter these sites so that we can surf the internet safely.

Even so, there are things you can do to penetrate these blocked sites. You can do this one method on cellphones and PCs, namely by changing the settings. This method is also very practical to do. You only need to change the settings as follows:

Open Google Chrome

Enter the site address to open

Change the setting by pressing the padlock logo at the address of the intended site

Make changes to the status of the site you want to access

3. How to Open a Blocked Site with a Proxy

Finally, you can access it by using several proxy sites to penetrate blocked sites. There are countless proxy sites that can be used, for more details, you can read our article entitled How to Open a Blocked Site Without an Application.

Even so, this time we will tell you how to use Croxy Proxy. The following are the steps:

Go to the Croxy Proxy site

After that, enter the site address that you will access in the search field

Then click search and wait until the process is complete

Those are 3 easy ways to access blocked sites on Google Chrome HP and PC. You can try them one by one to find which way is right for you. Good luck.

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